While many of the familiar faces
    at CPS may come to mind, we
    invite you to get to know three
    of our long-term contributors.


Throughout our history, Contract Pharmacy Services has grown to be respected by so many of our clients because we offer one of the highest levels of customer service and best pharmacy-related technology resources in the industry. Our staff stability and commitment exceeds that of our national competitors. The average tenure of a CPS employee is 8 years and the average experience level of our pharmacists is 20 years.

“I’m one of the first people you’ll meet when you become a new client—and you’ll also get to see me every month for medication audits and observation days. With 30+ years as a nurse, educator, and patient advocate, my enthusiasm for the healthcare field knows no limits. Every morning I wake up excited about my job and consider myself lucky to work with excellent nurses throughout the region.”
        —Lorraine Custer, Nurse Consultant, Long-term Care

“I wear many hats at CPS. A typical day might include managing our daily operations, directing our team of great employees, and interacting with our customers. You might say “I have my hand in it all”. In fact, I really appreciate being involved in the entire process—from the moment the prescription is entered until the time it reaches the patient. If you have the opportunity to attend one of our many industry conferences, please stop by, ask for me, and get to know us.”
        —Cathy Goffredo, Director of Operations, All Business Units

“I grew up around the business. My family had a long-term care pharmacy in the Chicago area and knew Wayne, the CEO and founder of CPS. I started working here because the company needed someone to manage a technology piece of the corrections business. Later, I became the sales lead for all of corrections and now I’m also involved with our new marketing initiatives.”
        —Scott Steres, Director of Sales and Marketing

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