CPS enjoys the advantages that
    today’s dispensing and packaging
    automation solutions provide and
    turns them into tangible benefits.


Speed, accuracy, flexibility, labeling, and security are just a few of the features that these state-of-the-art technologies provide. Contract Pharmacy Services utilizes an array of current automation fulfillment capabilities, including:

Advanced Blister Card Dispensing System
CPS utilizes the most widely accepted blister card automation technology in the U.S. pharmacy market. We have the ability to fill blister cards of any quantity, hands-free, including calendar filling to match the card numbering to the day of the month. Designed for on-demand and cycle filling, the system works directly with our information system to fill, seal, and apply patient labels to your prescriptions, rapidly and efficiently.

Automated Sachet Packaging System
CPS utilizes a high volume, automated sachet-packing machine designed to optimize the medication management process and enable improved patient care, increased cost savings, and compliance. The system can fill both unit dose as well as multi-dose/standard width dose packages. In addition, all pouches are barcoded, enhancing safety and enabling verification at the point of care.

On-site Medication Access
CPS also utilizes automated medication dispensing systems, such as Pyxis® and Omnicell®, to meet our clients’ on-site urgent medication needs. Dispensing systems’ inventory is monitored continuously and replaced as needed.

In addition to these packaging solutions, CPS utilizes bar code technologies, fingerprint security, and other technologies that facilitate efficiencies and integrate with most EHR and eMAR systems.

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