CPS utilizes pharmacy
    technology to optimize accuracy,
    reduce discrepancies, and
    enhance client communication.


Contract Pharmacy Services believes in balancing service excellence with the adoption of advanced pharmacy technologies. Our belief is that good technology enables the facility to focus on resident care, not pharmacy maintenance.

CPSLink® – Real-time Access to Pharmacy Data

CPSLink offers secure, real-time communication and data access between your facility and Contract Pharmacy Services. This web-based application, compliant with the NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 mandate, provides a direct link to CPS’ pharmacy operating system and facility resident database. CPSLink enhances communication, while tracking messages for greater accountability.

Additional CPSLink functionality includes:

  • Pre-admission screening (e.g. medication regimen price quotes)
  • Order tracking
  • Electronic Invoices (including previous months statements)
  • Clinical reports
  • Refill submission
  • Enter new admissions
  • Maintain patient information
  • Reorder medications
  • Discontinue medications
  • Order new medications
  • Submit ancillary orders
  • Discontinue ancillary orders
  • Print medical record labels
  • Print medical records
  • View patient profiles in real time

Electronic Health Record
CPS takes a proactive approach in developing pharmacy integration with third party EHR companies to enhance our clients’ medical record capabilities. CPS works with a multitude of leading EHR vendors, and having guided many clients through the process can often offer support and recommendations to direct the process and streamline the transition. If you do not see your EHR vendor listed, please contact CPS to discuss.

  • American Data ECS
  • AOD (Answers on Demand)
  • Blue Step (iMAR)
  • HealthMEDX (Vision)
  • MDI Achieve MatrixCare
  • NTT Keane
  • Point Click Care

Stand-Alone Electronic Medication Administration Record
CPS offers our clients a variety of electronic medication administration records (eMAR) options to enhance their medical record and medication administration experience. All CPS eMAR options have interface capabilities with our pharmacy software to enhance facility-pharmacy communication and operations. In addition, all CPS eMAR options are provided by third party vendors—freeing our clients from proprietary systems and allowing CPS to focus on pharmacy operations and service.  Some eMAR vendors CPS has integrated with include:

  • AccuFlo
  • Almsa
  • ExactMed/iMAR
  • QuickMAR

CPS has developed a proprietary computerized physician ordering entry (CPOE) system called eCorrRx, designed to eliminate the time spent by nursing staff to transcribe orders to pharmacy order sheets and Medication Administration Records (MARs). eCorrRx was designed to allow nursing and medical staff to be more productive, thereby allowing more time for patient care. eCorrRx gives physicians the ability to write prescriptions electronically and transmit them directly to the pharmacy for processing, thus eliminating errors caused by interpretation and manual transcription of physician’s orders. This innovative technology brings correctional healthcare to an exciting, innovative, new level.

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