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Large enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to provide individualized attention, we serve correctional facilities with populations ranging from a few hundred to many thousands.

Serving more than 100,000 detainees in more than 125 facilities covering 28 states, Contract Pharmacy Services is one of the fastest growing, privately owned pharmacy companies in the country. Our team of over 165 professionals is dedicated to understanding and responding to the needs of the corrections market. With over 40 years of experience in pharmacy, we have developed and honed strategies that cut costs and improve outcomes. Our Consulting Services include regularly scheduled medication room inspections by our consultant pharmacist; participation in Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee meetings; support by our Clinical Consulting Department, managed by a Pharm.D.; as well as on-site support and training.

CPS is dedicated to controlling costs. This requires preparing accurate utilization reports focusing on various metrics such as the percentage of detainees on medications, number of medications per detainee, as well as developing and implementing drug formularies. A comprehensive disease state expenditure analysis is prepared to inform the health care team which clinical areas are the most costly. This knowledge allows the facility to target the appropriate higher cost prescription patterns and work closely with our clinical pharmacists to effectively reduce costs.

At CPS, our Pharmacy Service includes:

  • Quality assurance – sophisticated and thorough verifications by registered pharmacists
  • Blister cards and other popular packaging options for solid oral prescriptions
  • Sophisticated bar code dispensing system
  • Next day delivery (Monday-Saturday) of all medications
  • Provision of local, backup pharmacy
  • Utilization reports, detailing formulary and non-formulary expenditures
  • Operational reports and computerized documentation
  • Other drug and statistical reports (just ask us for samples)
  • Computerized physician order entry system (eCorrRxTM)
  • Emergency drug box
  • MARs for each patient on a monthly basis
  • Toll-free telephone and fax lines
  • Emergency telephone consultation 24x7x365
  • Delivery manifests detailing items shipped and discrepancies

You can count on the professionals at CPS for our attention to detail, exemplary service, and commitment to partnership with our clients.


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