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We are dedicated to serving the behavioral health industry—and we understand the imperative to deliver compliance packaging in order to improve outcomes.

Providing pharmacy services for Behavioral Health organizations throughout PA and NJ, Contract Pharmacy Services is one of the fastest growing, privately owned pharmacy companies in the region. Our assigned dedicated staff is committed to understanding and responding to the needs of the behavioral health market. With over 40 years of experience in providing pharmacy services, we have the passion, experience, and strategies that deliver outstanding service and improve outcomes.

With close proximity to your locations and personalized service, we have the technology and resources equal to that of large national pharmacies. And we offer packaging solutions that med techs and non-medical staff alike can understand.

At CPS, our Pharmacy Service includes:

  • Quality assurance – sophisticated and thorough verifications by registered pharmacists
  • Blister cards and other popular packaging options for solid oral prescriptions
  • Sophisticated bar code dispensing system
  • Color coding by time pass
  • Convenient daily delivery of all medications
  • Provision of local, back-up pharmacy
  • Operational reports and computerized documentation
  • Other drug and statistical reports (just ask us for samples)
  • Prior Authorization and Non-Formulary order resolution
  • Facilitate and implement EHR/eMAR technologies
  • MARs for each individual on a monthly basis
  • Toll-free telephone and fax lines
  • Emergency telephone consultation 24x7x365
  • Delivery manifests detailing items shipped

You can count on the professionals at CPS for our attention to detail, exemplary service, and commitment to partnership with our clients.


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