RECALL – Liquid Products Produced by PharmaTech, LLC

PharmaTech, LLC is voluntarily recalling all liquid products manufactured from October 20, 2015 through July 15, 2016 as a precautionary measure due to a potential risk of product contamination with Burkholderia cepacia.  PharmaTech produces products that are provided by multiple companies including Bayshore, Centurion, Rugby, Major, Metron and Virtus.

CPS has purchased the following products that may be affected by this recall:

  • Rugby – Senexion Liquid 237 ml
  • Rugby – Calcionate (Calcium Glubionate) Syrup 473 mL
  • Rugby – Cerovite Liquid 236 mL
  • Rugby – Vitamin C Liquid 118 mL
  • Major – CertaVite with antioxidants 236 mL

Clients that have received products from Contract Pharmacy Services affected by this recall will be contacted directly.

Please inspect your current medication supply to ensure these products are removed from your stock.  You may have received these products from a supplier other than CPS.   A full list of the products affected by this recall can be found in the press release.   ( )

If a product contains B. cepacia, its use could result in infections in patients with compromised immune systems and in patients with chronic lung conditions such as cystic fibrosis. Some of these infections may be serious or even life-threatening in the at risk patient population.

Please contact the pharmacy at 800.555.8062 with any questions.

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