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As a privately owned company, our culture tends to be family oriented and our employees stay with us a long time. Friendships formed through the workplace enhance and motivate our employees to perform at their peak and have a healthy company mindset. 

Compensation Program and Approach 

Contract Pharmacy Services believes that all employees play a critical role in the success of the company. We are committed to providing a competitive total compensation package aligned with company performance and consistent with pay practices in our industry.

Our compensation program reinforces our commitment to maintain a competitive market position while providing management with the resources and processes necessary to attract and retain talent. Recognition goes hand in hand with compensation and contributes to employee satisfaction and longevity. Some of our most popular recognition programs include:

  • Monthly birthday and anniversary celebrations – snacks included
  • Company-wide acknowledgment for doing a good deed – (shout outs)


The average tenure of a CPS employee is 8 years and the average experience level of our pharmacists is 20 years