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As healthcare practitioners, we all work towards the goal of positive patient outcomes.  As part of your clinical team, your consultant pharmacist is a great asset.  In addition to recommendations to physicians and nursing regarding irregularities found during monthly chart reviews, the consultant pharmacist ensures the facility remains survey deficiency free as it relates to medication therapy.

Consultant activities focus on ensuring a positive survey outcome for the facility and compliance with federally mandated guidelines.  Consultant Pharmacist services include: 

  • Review all medications for correct diagnosis, dose, and monitoring
  • Review medications and make recommendations for therapy adjustments based on the efficacy of the resident’s therapy
  • Review of all unused as needed medications (PRN) and make recommendations to the prescriber to discontinue unused medications
  • Psychotherapeutic medications are reviewed and required gradual dose reductions are requested to ensure the facility is compliant with federally mandated guidelines to avoid a potential surveyor citation
  • Track physician recommendation responses and alert the facility when/if there is a delay in physician response
  • Evaluate and suggest areas for potential cost saving initiatives

Consultant Pharmacists can be available to attend meetings on facility specific clinical initiatives as well as routine QA report meetings.  Contract Pharmacy Services works with you to ensure that residents are safe, and all parties are compliant when it comes to medication administration.