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One of the key principles of continuous quality improvement (CQI) is that process deviation should be minimized to ensure a consistent quality in the outcome.  All dispensed medications need to be dispensed accurately and on time to meet the needs of our customers.  Contract Pharmacy Services puts quality at the forefront of our work using clinical reviews, technology resources, routine training and data tracking.

  • A CPS Pharmacist reviews all medication orders for appropriate dosage, drug to drug interactions, allergy concerns and duplicate therapies as part of the Drug Utilization Review. When a concern is identified, a clarification or correction will be required to complete the order.  CPS will contact the facility and review the concern with nursing and/or the physician.  The order will be adjusted as needed before dispensing to the end user.  A written summary of the clinical intervention is available for practitioner review. 
  • Technology built into our operational workflow helps ensure dispensing accuracy. Each workflow step has the name of the operator and timestamp of the work process attached to it.  Barcode scanning confirms a match between medication and prescription label.  Delivery scanning protects that the medication gets to the correct location including delivery time and signature capture upon receipt. 
  • Standardized policies and procedures are crucial to quality assurance. Staff are trained from written policies upon hire and reviewed if there is a deviation in the process.  The process documents are routinely evaluated for accuracy and updated as needed. 
  • We believe in evaluating our internal performance and tracking data to show trends. Our Compliance Officer, Director of Pharmacy and the Operations Department meet routinely to review the data and make suggestions for improvements.  Our ultimate goal is a high-quality product for our customers.