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Contract Pharmacy Services offers a highly personal level of service and care that only a privately-owned pharmacy can provide.  We are committed to meeting your specific service needs with accuracy and integrity. 

Every Contract Pharmacy Services customer has a group of people supporting their facility.  This includes an Account Executive, a Nurse Educator, and a Customer Care Manager. This staff will assist our partners with the following:

  • Provide supervision on all daily aspects of customer care including researching any customer service-related issues
  • Follow up on your organization’s quality improvement initiatives and addresses any customer service issues including medication discrepancies
  • Participate in monthly/quarterly pharmacy meetings
  • Med Pass observations, Medication Cart/Room audits and Pre-survey audit preparation where applicable

Contract Pharmacy Services understands that educated caregivers are better decision makers, which results in accuracy of medication administration, increased employee satisfaction, and better resident care.  CPS also understands that facilities have unique needs and will provide educational support based on your individual and changing needs.  The CPS team offers educational consulting support on a variety of clinical and administrative topics to support our client facilities.  Please contact us for more information about the range of education programs provided.