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Zika Virus and Insect Repellents

Zika virus can be contracted through the bite of an infected mosquito or through sexual contact. The biggest concern with Zika is in pregnant women due to the risk microcephaly in the infant. Since Zika virus is mosquito-borne there are many questions about which insect repellents to use. Here is a list of products that work and are safe in pregnancy. DEET (Off! Deep Woods, etc) 10%-30% DEET should be used. Select the concentration based on duration of exposure (10%[...]
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Quarterly Report: Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder (BD), also referred to as manic-depression, presents with dramatic swings in a person’s mood and energy level, which affects their ability to perform daily tasks. Bipolar Disorder affects approximately 2.6% (some estimate as high as 6%) of the U.S. adult population with the average age of onset occurring at 25 years old. An estimated 82.9% of cases are classified as ‘severe.’ Approximately 48.8% of those with the disorder are receiving treatment, but of those, an estimated 38.8% are receiving minimally[...]
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